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Why are we killing each other in the name of God?

Why are we killing each other in the name of God? Comparing holy books, while we kill each other, will not bring us salvation.

“If you only satisfy yourself with praising a name, even the name of Jesus, it is not practicing the life of Jesus. We must practice living deeply, loving, and acting with charity if we wish to truly honor Jesus.”
[Thich Nhat Hanh – Living Buddha Living Christ]

It is customary, these days, for zealots to praise their prophets, and elevate them to the level of God. It is easier for them to compare the powers of their prophets, and undermine others than it is to actually follow the lives and instructions left by the prophets.

Today people are killing each other in the name of religion. If any of them actually walked the path of their prophets, there would be no war, nor misery. All prophets and religions teach love, peace, harmony, and universal happiness. It is their followers who use the prophet’s name to create misery.

All true religions come from one God. They all teach basic good. All religions talk of love, peace, harmony, and betterment of mankind. Yet their followers kill humanity, and destroy the world, in the name of religions.

We are so busy praising our prophets, and comparing our holy books, that we have completely forgotten to follow the tenets of our religions. All intra-religion dialogs spend hours trying to prove whose book is better. No one bothers to point out the greater truth that is common in all books.

If we want to give credence to our prophets. If we want to really praise God, and His messengers, we need to follow their lives. Do as they did. Just talking about the greatness of your prophet, while doing the opposite of what they did, will not bring us salvation.

Let us stop killing each other. Let us all accept each other as children of the same God. Let us now live in harmony.

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Why are we killing each other in the name of God?

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