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Safe messaging for lovers and cheaters

Smartphones, and internet, are a lethal combination for lovers and cheaters. The chances of getting caught, or screwed, are quite high. Here’s how to be safe.

Whether you’re a lover, whether you’re a cheater, you’re staying alive. And stay alive you should. I don’t believe “cheating” is a thing. There is no such thing. But I’ll leave that for another discussion.

There have been endless stories of “revenge porn”, phones getting lost, emails and social media accounts hacked, and various other nightmares. People take private and personal photographs, send private messages, and then something goes wrong. Hillary Clinton lost her election, probably because of the email trail she left behind, and she wasn’t even cheating.

When you’re in love, you assume nothing would go wrong. That you’d never break up, and your partner would never want revenge for some stupidity. Well, you’re wrong. Just search “revenge porn” on the net, and you’ll see how wrong you are.

A very good friend of mine, sent her nudes to her husband, while he was out of town. Thanks to careless email security, her account got hacked. The hacker got access to her photos, and he started asking her for money, else he’d put the photos on the internet. It took a lot of effort to solve the problem.

You can never trust anyone either. Trust NO ONE. Anyone can be malicious and share your images, or chats, with others. And you don’t want that crap in your life.

So what do you do?

1. Never TAKE a picture, or video, that can incriminate you

When you take a compromising picture of yourself, make sure your face is not showing in it. If you have some very unique body features, like a tattoo, or a birthmark, try to leave that out as well. But no matter what you do, NEVER take an incriminating picture with your face in it. And I mean never even take such a picture. Smartphones are overly smart. Just because you didn’t send the picture to anyone, doesn’t mean it’s not travelling through the internet. Smartphones by default backup your pictures on the cloud. So, just don’t take a picture that can come back and bite you.

2. Use secure messaging applications

Snapchat is probably the most widely used app by young people. Primarily because anything you send on it, disappears after two views. However, personally, I don’t like snapchat. It has too much going on, and thus has the potential of screwing up on you. If you’re having adult, or secret conversations, here is my recommendation

A. Wickr

This is my personal favourite app for sending sexy texts, photos, videos, and audio clips. You can set a self-destruct timer for every message. The app has an auto-lock feature. A finger needs to be kept on the icon, to see the pictures, or play audio/video messages. If anyone takes a screenshot, you will get a notification, showing exactly what others captured.  You can create groups, and securely communicate with multiple, at the same time.

But beware. Someone can still use a second camera to capture the screen, and you’ll never know. Which brings me back to the point above. Do NOT even take a picture or video, that can ever be used against you.

Click here to launch Wickr.

B. Telegram, and Allo

These are not bad apps, but not my first choice. The have most of Wickr’s features. What they lack, is a per message destruct timer. You need to create separate public and private chats with someone. The secret chat has a single timer, which auto-destructs all messages.

Click here to launch Telegram.

Click here to launch Allo by Google.

C. Video Chats

You can use any video chat app, but with one major warning. It can be recorded. So, I will stress yet again. Do not even take an incriminating picture or video, with your face, or other recognisable features, in it. If you’re having a normal conversation, which turns steamy – give the chat a few second break. If you’re showing your face, step away for a few seconds. And when you return, the camera can show all of your nakedness in its lewd glory, MINUS YOUR FACE. So even if the other party is secretly recording their screen, there is some salvation.



Safe messaging for lovers and cheaters

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