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Learn how to protect yourself against emotional abuse

You protect your physical existence with all means possible, but you leave your emotions and feelings completely vulnerable. This simple trick will help you protect yourself against emotional abuse.

You don’t let others poison your outer body, then why do you let them poison your inner body? There are laws against poisoning and killing someone’s outer body, but there are no laws against breaking someone’s heart, or making someone angry. There are no such laws because, in reality, no one can touch your inner body. Only you can.

So when you blame others for your unhappiness, dissatisfaction, and anger, you are wrong. It is the weakness of your own consciousness that allows others to penetrate and disrupt your inner body.

You protect your physical body, but not your emotions

You use all possible means to safeguard your home, your property, your belongings, and your outer physical body. You employ protective mechanisms to make sure no one intrudes into your physical space, and harm you in any way.

Yet, when it comes to protecting our inner body, our emotions, we let our guard down completely. We let complete strangers take total control of our emotions. People on the street, on television, passengers on the bus, drivers that drive by us on the highway – people with no names or faces can take total control of our emotions, even if for just a few minutes. How is that possible?

Can others control your emotions?

No one can possibly break through your physical existence, barriers, protective mechanism, and stir a flood of emotions, pain, or even happiness, in us. They are all our own internal energies. We just use external events to give ourselves a reason to justify how we are already feeling. It is our egoic mind that tries to blame its own poison, on outer stimuli.

People don’t have a magical supernatural power, with which they get into your head, and make your emotions or feelings go ballistic. Your mind is the one already in your mind, and already in control of your emotions. Your egoic mind is the one who stirs those emotions.

Your egoic mind uses external triggers to justify the havoc it creates in your internal body. It needs all the drama to keep you engrossed in its incessant rant. To keep you trapped in its death grip.

Become aware that you are not your emotions.

Become aware that you are not your emotions. You are not the drama in your own head. Become aware that you are only the observer, and you shall be free of the deathly grip of your emotions, supposedly stirred by others.

The moment you become aware of the nasty trick your mind is playing on you, you are free. Even if you become trapped again, the awareness will bring you freedom again. As long as you keep having the shortest moments of awareness, you will eventually break free of the egoic mind’s death grip on your energies.

You don’t allow others to harm your outer body, you should not allow them to harm your inner body as well



Learn how to protect yourself against emotional abuse

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