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Feelings. Nothing more than feelings. 

What are feelings? How to deal with them? How to stay mindful, and become aware of the feelings, without getting involved? How to be the observer?

What are feelings?

No one can make you feel anything. You make yourself feel what you feel, and then you pin the responsibility on others. The truth is, you are the creator, and all-responsible, for each and every one of your feelings. Happiness or sadness – they’re just reflexes created by your mind, nothing more, nothing less. If you let your feelings take control of your heart, they will take you on a roller-coaster ride, you just can’t get off of. And before you know it, the feelings will get physiological. You’ll have headaches, heart attacks, nausea, hypertension, brain hemorrhages, schizophrenia, and more.

Can you imagine, a simple feeling, triggered by an event, or a thought, can take your life? That is how powerful these feelings are.

On the other side, they can also bring you great happiness, if they are good feelings. They can make you euphoric, or act silly. Make a fool of yourself.

Either way, they’re just feelings, nothing more than feelings. There is no reality of these feelings. They’re just figments of your imagination.

Can you control feelings?

No. Feelings can’t be controlled, and therefore it is best not to wrestle with them. Just let them be. When you engage a feeling in a battle, it will surely win and take over your systems. It is best to just sit on the side, and watch these feelings go by, without being affected by them. If you don’t engage, or connect, with them, they will have no effect on you.

Should you ignore good feelings as well?

Yes. You need to ignore all feelings, good and bad. You will still feel the emotions associated with these feelings, but they will not take control of you. They will come and go, and you will suffer, or enjoy them as an observer.

The concert of feelings

It’s like being at a concert. You listen to a sad piece of music, you feel pain. You listen to a happy song, and you feel joy while you sing along. But once the song is over, you move on to the next song, or head home. You don’t keep sitting at the stadium, laughing or crying long after everyone has gone home.

You need to experience your feelings, exactly like the concert. Let them sail, one after the other, feeling them as they go by, but then immediately letting go of the feeling.

This is the mindful life. A life lived with the power of now. A life lived in the primal now.

Feelings. Nothing more than feelings. 

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