I am imploding. I need help. Power of Now. Mindfulness. Primal Now

I am imploding. Collapsing. I need help.

I am imploding. I am depressed. The vacuum left by your absence is consuming me. Please come back to me. Help me live again.

People say that I am depressed. I need help. But they do not see the dark emptiness within me. The dark empty black hole slowly consuming me.

My life ended the day we parted. Since then I’ve moved from one thing to the other, one person to another.

I drifted between relationships. Changed careers. Changed homes. Moved cities. I could never find my roots, never felt grounded.

People called me fickle. Unstable. Depressed. Even I believed I was depressed. That something was wrong with me.

But now I see that I was only trying to fill the vacuum left by your absence.

The day you and I parted, the light of my life died, I died. My spirit had left me.

Your absence created a deep, dark, and silent vacuum in my core. A vacuum that kept growing, kept consuming me slowly.

Today, after all these years, the vacuum has become a massive black-hole. It has gained momentum. It is now sucking me into itself. Destroying me in the process. My existence is imploding. I’m collapsing from within.

Please come hold me one last time, for I am scared of the darkness. I am scared of the loud silence. The deathly sound of a galaxy disappearing into absolute nothingness.

Come hold me, for the time has come for me to become part of the universe again. Time has come for me to finally rest in peace.

I am imploding. Collapsing. I need help.

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