Primal Now is about re-discovering our primal instinct to harness the power of now. To discover the kingdom of heaven. To live as one with the spirit of God.

What is the Primal Now?

Mindfulness, Consciousness, and Awareness, are fancy words being thrown around a lot, these past few years. Evidence of this connection with the “now” is deeply embedded in almost every religion. This website, is our personal quest to live a life connected to the universe, instead of in opposition to it. [Read More]

What is Buddhism

Buddhism is a discipline, that can lead to spiritual development, and happiness. Practicing Buddhism can give you an insight into the true nature of existence. Buddhism is NOT a religion.

My reading wishlist

All my life, I had trouble reading books – but it never stopped me from buying and adding books to my reading wishlist. Most of the books listed below are still on my radar, but I already own many of them either in print, or electronic format. I just need to get...

My Bookshelf

I’m 52 years old, at the time of this writing, and till last year I had read no more than 20 non-academic books in my whole life. It was only in May 2016, that I became a compulsive reader, thanks to my disastrous experience with a Kindle E-reader. All my life I...

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